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It’s Time for a #MeToo Reckoning in Immigration

It’s Time for a #MeToo Reckoning in Immigration

Ms. Magazine
By Evangeline Chan Amy Cheung
April 26, 2021

Since the #MeToo movement started over a decade ago, it has become more than about giving a voice to survivors of sexual assault and violence; it has been about change—providing more protections for survivors and taking down the systems that oppress them. 不仅对女性,对男性和LGBTQ+个体也一样. 足球外围平台了解到的是,许多行业和机构都存在滥用权力和与之串通的现象,低收入的有色人种尤其脆弱. 在移民问题上尤其如此.

遭受性侵犯的无证个体, 家庭暴力和剥削在劳动力中面临 unique challenges 因为他们在美国的移民身份增加了脆弱性. 他们常常害怕向执法部门举报虐待或剥削,因为他们担心自己会被驱逐出境,与家人分离. 这有效地为施暴者提供了一种让受害者闭嘴的工具.

That is why Congress created the bipartisan U-visa program in 2000. 其目的是鼓励移民挺身而出,向执法部门报告罪行,并为愿意合作的人提供保护. 国会希望该项目能保护性侵受害者, domestic violence and other serious crimes. 那些获得“u签证”的人以后有资格获得合法的永久居留(a.k.a. a “green card”) and citizenship.

Since its creation, u签证申请的处理时间急剧增加, creating a backlog of over 160,000 cases and wait times of almost five years. For years, advocates have been sounding the alarm 这些延误破坏了u签证计划的有效性和目的. Rather than create solutions to address this crisis, these backlogs continue to grow and DHS has erected additional barriers to securing relief.

At Safe Horizon’s Immigration Law Project自2008年u签证开始发放以来,足球外围平台一直在为u签证申请者代理. u签证和相关的申请构成了足球外围平台案件的大部分,足球外围平台已经成功地帮助数百名幸存者为他们自己和他们的家人获得了u签证保护.

Around 2018, however, 足球外围平台开始注意到实践上的转变,USCIS开始例行发布要求提供更多证据的要求,并拒绝任何已经提供证据的申请人的申请 any 与刑事司法系统的接触,无论这种接触是多么轻微.

这尤其成问题,因为足球外围平台的许多客户都与刑事司法系统有过一些接触. 施暴者将刑事司法系统武器化,并对受害者提出报复性投诉的情况并不少见.

Such was the case with our client, Angela Harriet*, 勇敢地站出来,成为连环强奸犯的受害者之一,然后申请了u签证. Before she applied, however, her abusive ex filed a false complaint against her, accusing her of assaulting him with a cell phone, when in fact, he was the one who threatened to shoot her. 针对安吉拉的刑事案件最终被驳回,记录被封存, 美国移民局在没有要求任何密封记录的情况下批准了安吉拉的u签证. Yet in 2018, USCIS, 根据她的美国身份审查她的绿卡申请, demanded disclosure of the full criminal record.

安吉拉提交了一份宣誓证词,解释施暴者如何试图利用警察来伤害她. 她还提交了证据,证明对她的指控被驳回,记录被封存. 尽管美国移民局之前基于同样的证据给她颁发了u签证, it denied her green card.

What this effectively does, for Angela and for countless others, 是对国会打算用u签证计划保护的个人关上了大门吗. 但它也做了更多的事情:它暴露了让幸存者“接受审判”的顽固文化,” of not believing survivors, of abuses of power, of complicity with abusers, of structural racism.

USCIS can and must do better. 这就是为什么足球外围最靠谱的网站,和足球外围平台的伙伴, ASISTA, 最近提交了一份《足球外围最靠谱的网站》(FOIA)申诉,要求遵守有关USCIS未宣布的做法转变的记录要求. 是时候站出来支持和保护移民幸存者了.

*Name changed to protect identity

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