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Have you been told you can't leave your workplace? Are you forced to stay? Freedom is within reach.

24.9 million people are victims of forced labor, which includes forced sexual exploitation. (国际劳工组织,2017年)

  • 你有权利
  • You can find a way out
  • 你并不孤单
  • 就有希望
  • 有帮助

Signs of Trafficking

Human trafficking victims are often hidden in plain sight. Some signs of trafficking may be more obvious than others. If any of these questions sound like you, you may be in a trafficking situation.

  • Are you forced to live in the same place as where you work?
  • Are you living in a space that does not have heat, running water, or electricity? Are you hungry and have access to little or no food?
  • Do you live with many people, sharing the same small space?
  • Are you not allowed to talk with anyone, especially the police or anyone in authority?
  • Have you been coached with prepared and practiced answers if someone asks you a question?
  • Is someone keeping your documents away from you, 比如你的身份证, 护照, or other identity documents?
  • Have you been hit or hurt by your boss or the person who controls your money or job?
  • Are you scared when approached by others?
  • Are you getting little or no pay for your work?
  • Are you under 18 years old and trading sex for money, food, or a place to stay?
  • Are you engaging in sexual acts for money against your will or out of fear?

Help is available in your community.

Aurelia Survives Labor Trafficking

Aurelia bravely escaped traffickers who threatened her with violence. She found guidance and support at our Anti-Trafficking Program.
Read Aurelia's Story →

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